SQUEAKS Communication Platform for Industry 4.0

SQUEAKS is a revolutionary communication platform that gets the right information

to the right people at the right time.


In this age of intelligent machines that constantly generate vast amounts of data,

it’s easy to be overwhelmed and under informed.  

SQUEAKS provides insight with personalized information and promotes

collaboration to help you achieve your goals.  


SQUEAKS turns valuable information into action – promoting teamwork while driving accountability.  


With SQUEAKS, employees are engaged and empowered to make decisions –

shortening response times and saving thousands of dollars per minute.

Already embraced by some of the best companies in the world …

… SQUEAKS combines lean production principles with modern communication technologies to solve high impact manufacturing problems.

Track and enforce strict adherence to workflow procedures, and immediately let the
right people know when quality control limits are exceeded. Escalate non-conformance or regulatory compliance concerns to the plant manager.  


Implement 100% product traceability and tighter process control to prevent bad product
from advancing down the production line.  


Distribute troubleshooting and instruction documents along with downtime fault communication
reducing the action start time from one (1) hour to one (1) minute.


Provide rapid feedback of product identification with the customer when a defective product
issue occurs and establish the smallest range of a recall campaign.


Communicate performance measures throughout the plant via smart LED displays to drive
awareness and a culture for continuous improvement.  


Reduce injuries and OSHA-related incidents by safety managers immediately sharing
photos/videos of violations to team members.


Utilize the Industry 4.0 communication platform to seamlessly integrate with
internally developed real-time process and performance mobile apps.


IGear software essentially runs our entire manufacturing process. We use the ASSIST™ platform

to not only record critical process data from nearly every machine in our plant, but to also provide process control and management of nonconforming parts. Viewing production, downtime, detailed part history, and trended data is also an important aspect of the solution. Finally, IGear’s SQUEAKS® IoT platform allows for visualization of the data on mobile devices and production displays. Due to the success of the system, IGear has now become the Advanced Traceability standard for all of JTEKT North America.

John Leinart

Traceability Team Leader - JATV

JTEKT North America Corporation

A Toyota Group Company

“Real-time manufacturing data is a key to proactive manufacturing. IGear’s CONNECT has helped Martinrea integrate real-time production information with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system via its scalable and adaptive platform. When you sync shop floor data with ERP systems, everyone becomes part of the same team and proactive decision making becomes contagious.”


Andre La Rosa, CIO at Martinrea International

The Industry 4.0 (IIoT) technologies are evolving so fast. At Stanley Black and Decker, we are
making a conscious effort to make affordable the cost aspect fit for our plants.  SQUEAKS® is Twitter for the factory floor – very small and compact in nature.  Its implementation is very affordable and adaptable – allowing us to jumpstart our I4.0 journey.

Sudhi Bangalore

Global Vice President

Stanley Black & Decker

With SQUEAKS, communication can take place

anywhere and at any time – helping you and your team work smarter, faster and better.


SQUEAKS can help you and everyone around you

be more productive.

Better Communication leads to Better Decisions and Better Results.


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