We are confident that SQUEAKS

will deliver satisfactory results in 90 days.

If not, we’ll remove the platform

and you owe us nothing.

SQUEAKS 90-Day Guarantee
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You have nothing to lose.

       We will deliver … 

Infrastructure to capture real-time data across three (3) machines

Communication devices (4K LED TV, Mobile, Watch) to provide visibility on key metrics anytime, anywhere.

Configuration services to create personalized dashboards that drive action, accountability, workflows and escalation around your greatest areas of performance concerns.


Results Driven

Manufacturing Communication Platform


Our philosophy is to start small and realize value quickly.  

Allow us to bring SQUEAKS on-site to address your greatest performance-related concerns on a few machines.  We will provide the real-time data collection infrastructure, the full functionality of SQUEAKS on a variety of communication devices and customization services. 

If after 90 days, you are not convinced that SQUEAKS is for you, we’ll remove the platform and you will owe us nothing.

SQUEAKS gives you the ability to stay connected to what matters most, wherever you are.  

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