Connectivity & Convenience Built-In

With SQUEAKS, people and machines communicate as-one.

SQUEAKS is more than just a better way to communicate in manufacturing.

SQUEAKS is an industrial communication platform that delivers out-of-the-box
to all of your Data Sources (machines, 3rd party apps, sensors, systems, and Industry 4.0 technologies). SQUEAKS taps into the data, uncovering value and unleashing productivity by making the vast amounts of data in your plant, small and actionable. With SQUEAKS, real-time data from machines is unlocked and becomes part of the conversation.

SQUEAKS directs valuable information across modern, commercially available communication

technologies – from the 2” smart watch up to the 200” multi-panel displays – making it easy for you to stay connected to what matters most.

Answers Anytime, Anywhere.

SQUEAKS provides seamless, out-of-the box connectivity to all of your data sources leveraging open standard protocols and native drivers.

Connectivity Made Easy

SQUEAKS Integration & Network Architecture

SQUEAKS gives you the ability to stay connected to what matters most, wherever you are.  

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