See who's achieving goal, get current status on production counts,
and stay informed with help from our manufacturing software app, SQUEAKS. The SQUEAKS app keep you informed about the data that is most
important to you. See the progress made each day in your factory,
get real-time updates from people you work with and stay connected anywhere, anytime.


With SQUEAKS, if proper workflow actions aren't taken in a
timely manner, the message or concern escalates to the next higher management level, drawing attention to problems and driving accountability. Watch videos of how SQUEAKS can work for you on our website, and see how you and everyone around
you can achieve more.


Call us toll free today at 800-556-4098 or 502-423-0999 to learn more.
We would love to spend some time talking to you about how we can help you implement SQUEAKs in your workplace. At SQUEAKS, our goal is
to make communication within your business faster and more efficient
for your skilled workforce.

Achieve More with a Mission-Critical
Manufacturing Software App

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