The SQUEAKS mobile app delivers relevant, actionable information.
Right-now fast.  No clutter or distractions.  


You’ll know more about your plant’s performance and keep tabs on
what matters most.  Clarity.  At-a-glance.


Achieve more and stress less.  Nothing important is going to slip through
the cracks – even while you are on the move.


Crush Your
Production Goals

The answers you want in one place.
Real-time dashboards from SQUEAKS
and 3rd party apps such as
Microsoft PowerBI keep everyone on the
same page while communicating progress relative to target – with an
emphasis on bad news first, if you
so choose.  It’s like having
an ANDON in your pocket.

Stay ahead.

See More of What Matters

Tune in to or personalize the alerts,
dashboards, teams, machines, hashtags, etc. that matter – nothing more.  Zero in
on specific areas of focus such as quality, safety, 5S programs, etc. and apply filters to improve your productivity and
the productivity of everyone around you.


Relevant, simple and direct.

Drive Action and Accountability

SQUEAKS guarantees improved results because we ensure alerts/messages and production concerns are acted upon.  SQUEAKS address the “now what” question after a concerning event has occurred – clarifying ownership and tracking corrective actions in a transparent manner.

Empower employees to act.

Know Everything is Covered

With Workflows and Escalations, it
just got a whole lot harder for something important to slip through the cracks.
With SQUEAKS, critical messages cannot be ignored.  SQUEAKS assumes nothing – delivering messages that demand attention.


Peace of mind, built in.

Call for Assistance

SQUEAKS mobile makes it very easy
to generate concise messages from user-defined templates; engaging team members to act.  You can send a detailed message
to maintenance, quality, and line
supply replenishment, for example, with
a single click.

Slash response times.

Shoot & Edit Photos
and Videos

Enhance the conversation with rich,
multi-media photos and videos that convey clearly what’s happening.  A picture is
worth a thousand words.  SQUEAKS
also allows you to attach .pdf documents
like troubleshooting guides to
the conversation.

Rethink plant communication.

SQUEAKS gives you the ability to stay connected to what matters most, wherever you are.  

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