In manufacturing, communication is serious business.  With downtime measured in thousands of dollars per minute – time is money.  In addition, organizational priorities such as productivity, quality and employee safety cannot be reinforced enough. 


SQUEAKS puts you in control of the overwhelming amount of data in your plant by

giving you the ability to tune in to what matters most, saving time and money. SQUEAKS gives you the power to see everything happening in your plant along with flexibility to
create personalized views.  

What you need to know 

When you need

to know it

Like the apps you use in everyday life to customize the news and alerts you receive …

SQUEAKS gives you the power to see what’s happening in every corner of your plant … 

Along with the ability to view the details and context behind the data along with key attributes.

SQUEAKS cuts through the noise and clutter, making it easy for you to tune in to what matters most.

… and just like you tune into metrics and certain conversations, you can join or tune in to Teams, People and Data Sources.

SQUEAKS allows you to customize the information you see, for example bad news first, and decide whether you receive email or push notifications, or not, …

… and view dashboards that provide at-a-glance feedback on performance relative to target ...

… along with the flexibility to create personalized views with built-in widgets that make building professional dashboards as easy as drag and drop.

Simply, SQUEAKS delivers the information that matters most to you – nothing more – wherever you are.

The SQUEAKS mobile app gets the answers you need, wherever you are, giving you the freedom to be on the move.  With SQUEAKS, it’s like having your personal ANDON in your pocket.

SQUEAKS turns low cost, smart TVs into powerful production displays that can be hung in your office or on the shop floor. SQUEAKS consolidates multiple sources of information into one view to reinforce business priorities.  

SQUEAKS turns down the noise while keeping everyone connected and on the same page.  


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