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Accountability Counts

Are you looking for ways to improve accountability and transparency within your manufacturing process? SQUEAKS is the answer.

When it comes to manufacturing, communication is a critical component for success. If your equipment is down, so is your profit. But it’s not just about machinery. Productivity, quality, and employee safety are all of vital importance, and a team that communicates effectively is a team that practices accountability.

Better Communication, Better Results

The SQUEAKS platform ensures nothing slips through the cracks at your operation. Through the integration of user-defined workflows, SQUEAKS allows you to monitor the adherence to these workflows and ensure correct actions are taken during an issue of concern. Users of SQUEAKS can manage each section of the workflow, and every action taken can be documented. Ownership of the issue is identified and progress toward the solution is verified at each step along the way.

Creating Transparency

SQUEAKS escalates notifications to specific users if a set of requirements for a workflow are not satisfied. This heightens accountability and shortens the response time by creating a transparent environment for employees by identifying missteps in the work process.

With SQUEAKS, employees are driven to act promptly on events that are demanding attention. Communication is sequenced in order of importance and sent to the appropriate employees in a transparent manner that fosters a sense of teamwork. A transparent environment empowers employees to make the right decisions when an issue arises. Transparency also helps to highlight when an employee is doing exceptionally well at their job.

Messages from SQUEAKS demand attention, and a history of communications and actions is recorded in an accessible history, providing a dynamic tool for evaluating team responses and helping to create a sense of transparency for your team.

Are you ready to jumpstart your operation’s accountability and transparency practices? Get started with SQUEAKS today!

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