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Keep Your Manufacturing Operation Safe with SQUEAKS

When it comes to Industry 4.0, safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind. With so many technological advances and revolutionary changes happening quickly, we often forget how Industry 4.0 technologies will impact how our manufacturing operations approach safety.

SQUEAKS is an industrial communication platform that creates a powerful communication network between all of your operation’s data sources, including your machines, third-party apps, sensors, systems, and Industry 4.0 technologies. Better communication means more than just improved productivity - it means improved safety as well. A team with an empowered communication platform at their fingertips will be better able to address safety-related concerns. Let’s take a look at just how SQUEAKS can promote a safer work environment at your manufacturing plant.

SQUEAKS in Action

A bakery ingredient manufacturer needed a way to share a video from the plant manager to the management team each morning. The safety manager also wanted a way to share photos and videos of safety concerns and violations to everyone in order to minimize OSHA-related incidents and promote a culture that placed importance on employee safety. SQUEAKS provided the manufacturing operation a communication platform that improved team communication methods, fostered a more transparent company culture, and improved safety practices across the board.

Stay Safe with SQUEAKS

As technology has evolved, manufacturing machinery has become more and more safe. The latest OSHA statistics have shown a drop in injuries associated with workplace accidents. A key component in creating a safer workplace is better communication. That’s where SQUEAKS comes in.

By enabling your employees to enhance their conversations with rich, multimedia photos and videos, SQUEAKS makes it easy for your employees to highlight trouble spots, communicate about potential safety hazards, and stay as safe as possible on the job. One of the greatest benefits of embracing Industry 4.0 technologies is improved employee safety. A work floor environment that’s connected seamlessly together via a communication platform is an environment that’s inherently safer.

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By staying ahead of the game and adopting new technologies and platforms, you can keep your manufacturing operation safe, effective, and OSHA-friendly. SQUEAKS makes it easy to stay safe. Contact us today to get started.

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