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Make Every Second Matter with the SQUEAKS Watch App

So, you have an unplanned downtime event. Now what? Even the best in class manufacturers experience downtime. When downtime occurs, SQUEAKS answers the question “now what?” empowering employees to take ownership while spawning teamwork and collaboration. With this downtime measured in thousands of dollars a minute, it’s important to have a real-time communication platform to get your plant back up and running as quickly as possible.

What are the Benefits of SQUEAKS?

SQUEAKS is an industrial communication platform that creates a powerful communication network between all of your operation’s data sources, including your machines, third-party apps, sensors, systems, and Industry 4.0 technologies. Synchronizing your operation’s data uncovers hidden potentials for improved productivity and increased efficiencies. SQUEAKS cuts down on the deluge of data, delivering concise, relevant and actionable information based on what matters most to you.

The SQUEAKS Watch App

The SQUEAKS Watch App takes these benefits to the next level. A SQUEAKS-enabled smartwatch revolutionizes the way we think of plant communication. The ease and convenience of the SQUEAKS app cuts down response times and unlocks new potentials for employee productivity. SQUEAKS enables direct communication of real-time data that’s actually valuable, empowering your employees to act now wherever they are.

Personalized Alerts and Dashboards

A SQUEAKS-enabled smartwatch allows you to tune in to what matters most. Whether it’s plant floor events, production status relative to target, employee safety, or product-quality trends, SQUEAKS enables you to receive relevant information when you want it and how you want it – allowing you to stay informed and achieve more.


The power of transparent, real-time communication energizes your workforce to take advantage of real-time communication - to call for maintenance, quality, safety, parts replenishment, whatever it takes to keep your plant up and running. SQUEAKS makes it easy for your employees to communicate, no matter the issue.

Take Action

The SQUEAKS Watch App clarifies ownership of a given event or abnormality while driving accountability around user-defined workflows to ensure correct actions are taken. And, if the correct actions are not taken in a timely manner, SQUEAKS elevates critical concerns to management, creating a heightened sense of urgency.

Stay Connected

With the SQUEAKS Watch App, data abnormalities or concerning shop floor events jump out at you. To-the-point messaging and at-a-glance visual communication will help to keep users posted on what’s important without having to pull out their phones or look to other devices for timely information.

Let’s Get Started

From a smartwatch to a giant multi-panel display, SQUEAKS makes it easy to stay connected to the information that matters most. Regardless of your industry, SQUEAKS can empower your teams, improve communications and deliver improved results. Ready to revolutionize your operation? Reach out to us today.

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