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Metals Company Experiences Huge Production Line Efficiency Improvement with SQUEAKS

Production Line Efficiency Improved by 48% and Revenue by $170,000/month with SQUEAKS.

SQUEAKS is a cutting-edge communication platform that gets the right information to the right people at the right time. When downtime events occur in manufacturing the impact on the bottom line is consequential.

Like many manufacturers, chances are you’re likely getting hit by information on all fronts every second of every day. It can be overwhelming and a detriment to your plant’s productivity. Or, the information you really need is buried in clutter and often goes unnoticed. That’s where SQUEAKS comes in. SQUEAKS cuts through the noise and clutter and delivers what you need most: real-time information that drives action.

Improving Production Efficiency

In manufacturing, if your equipment isn’t running, you’re losing money. Streamlining communications can drastically shorten high-impact manufacturing issues that cost you thousands of dollars per minute.

A global consumer metals products manufacturer installed SQUEAKS TV to provide immediate visibility on downtime events and other production concerns. This manufacturer saw a 48% improvement in uptime in two (2) weeks which translates to increased revenue of $170,000 per month. SQUEAKS provides immediate insight to key personnel that need to know – driving accountability, shortening response times to help this manufacturer exceed target production goals.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

SQUEAKS is also a great way to simplify your quality assurance process. Our platform allows you to track and enforce strict adherence to your operation’s workflow procedures and immediately notifies the right people when a quality control limit has been reached. Likewise, SQUEAKS makes it much easier to identify non-conformance or compliance concerns to the operation manager.

Streamlining and simplifying these processes also has benefits outside of efficiency. SQUEAKS is a great way to maintain the safety of your staff and also reduce OSHA-related incidents by immediately sharing visual evidence of violations to team members.

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