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Are you a manufacturer looking for an easy, no-risk way to jumpstart your operation’s digital transformation journey? Finding ways to optimize plant productivity can be challenging, especially when technology is developing at such a rapid pace. It’s important for manufacturers, regardless of size, to keep their technologies updated in order to remain competitive and reduce downtime. A recent study shows that taking advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies typically increases manufacturing productivity by up to one-third. SQUEAKS is a great way to begin your journey toward Industry 4.0.

What is SQUEAKS?

SQUEAKS helps team members connect with each other and valuable data sources – relaying crucial information when it matters the most.

SQUEAKS is an easy-to-use and affordable Industry 4.0 communication platform that connects people and teams with all of your data sources, including your machines, third-party apps, sensors, systems, and Industry 4.0 technologies – complementing all of your existing investments and legacy systems. SQUEAKS takes this massive amount of information and condenses it into small, actionable items and conversations that will allow you to uncover value and engage employees to be more proactive.

SQUEAKS uncovers meaningful value in your plant data while empowering employees to act – improving productivity by consolidating the massive amounts of data from your operation into concise, at-a-glance messages and dashboards that reduce downtime and improve plant efficiency. SQUEAKS makes sure nothing important is going to slip through the cracks – giving you peace of mind.

See SQUEAKS in Action with Our 90-Day Guarantee

Looking to experience how SQUEAKS can transform communication in your plant? Take advantage of our 90-day no-risk, trial. We’ll set up SQUEAKS at your facility, address your greatest pain points, and provide full functionality on a variety of communication devices. If you find SQUEAKS isn’t improving your operation after the 90-day period, we’ll remove the platform, and you’ll owe us nothing. That’s how much we believe in the SQUEAKS communication platform.

For the no-risk trial, we will deliver the following:

  • Infrastructure to capture real-time data across machines.

  • Communication devices (4K LED TV, Mobile, Watch) to provide visibility on key metrics anytime, anywhere.

  • Configuration services to create personalized dashboards that drive action, accountability, workflows, and escalation around your greatest areas of performance concerns.

Connectivity Made Easy

From a smartwatch to large multi-panel TV displays and interactive smart boards, SQUEAKS makes it easy to stay connected to the information that matters most. Regardless of your specific industry, SQUEAKS can empower your communications and deliver improved results across all aspects of your operation.

Curious about how SQUEAKS can benefit your operation? Contact us today to get started!

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