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Smartwatch and Smartphone Integration with SQUEAKS

SQUEAKS is revolutionizing the way your manufacturing operation communicates. SQUEAKS is a platform that provides laser-focus for your operation’s communication processes. Our communication platform enables your employees to plug into the information they need and tune out of the information they don’t.

Using the convenience of modern technology like smartwatches and smartphones on iOS and Android platforms, SQUEAKS takes advantage of the popular technology we use in our everyday lives, engaging your employees in the journey toward more efficient communication.

Technology in Action

One of your machines is on the verge of running out of an important raw material. SQUEAKS will immediately send a notification to the machine operator’s smartwatch or smartphone indicating which specific part needs which specific material. Unlike an email, which may sit in an inbox for hours, a SQUEAKS notification will show up right away.

The machine operator can acknowledge the receipt of the notification and inform the respective team that he or she is on the way. That message is sent to everyone who subscribes to that specific feed. Employees who have an interest in that particular machine or assembly line will be notified accordingly. Team members who have no need to know about this particular machine or assembly line won’t be interrupted by this information exchange. SQUEAKS allows your operation’s employees to focus on what’s critical to their respective positions and to tune out the information that’s not.

SQUEAKS Makes Communication Convenient

SQUEAKS takes advantage of the everyday technology we know and love. With just the swipe of your finger, you can access the information you need or dismiss the information you don’t. SQUEAKS enables your operation’s information to be transmitted directly to modern, commercially available devices.

Whether it’s a smartwatch or a smartphone, SQUEAKS enables your employees to tune in and stay connected to the information that matters most. Whatever your industry may be, SQUEAKS empowers your communications in order to deliver improved results across the board.

Want to learn more about how SQUEAKS can improve your operation? Find out how you can get started with the SQUEAKS 90-day guarantee. We’ll bring SQUEAKS on-site, address your pain points, and provide full functionality on a variety of communication devices. If after 90 day’s you’re not convinced that SQUEAKS is for you, we’ll remove the platform and you’ll owe us nothing. That’s how sure we are that SQUEAKS will revolutionize your plant communication reducing down-time and increasing efficiency.


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