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SQUEAKS CEO Interviewed on Peggy Smedley Podcast


SQUEAKS President and CEO, Don Korfhage, is interviewed on the Peggy Smedley show. The show is the most influential IoT (Internet of Things) podcasts engaging, educating, and entertaining listeners about relevant digital tech trends.

In this interview titled, “Results-Driven Communication”, Mr. Korfhage discusses the innovative manufacturing communication platform SQUEAKS. SQUEAKS helps you stay connected to information that matters most to you using the mobile smart technology we all know and love in our everyday lives.

Don explains how SQEAKS can be personalized to the needs of each individual in the same way we personalize the information we receive from news feeds and other information resources. He tells us how it increases collaboration and hastens problem solving in real-world situations reducing down-time. In this podcast you’ll also learn how accountability with the ability to follow the history of each event provides a powerful and accurate management tool.

Please use the following link to listen to an interview that will change what you thought was possible in manufacturing communication.

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