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SQUEAKS is your Solution for Tighter Process Controls

Better communication means more than improved productivity—it means improved product control as well. A team with an empowered communication platform at their fingertips will be better able to achieve their goals of improved product control.

SQUEAKS is an industrial communication platform that creates a powerful communication network that connects all of your operation’s data sources. No matter your industry, SQUEAKS can help streamline your manufacturing operation and help you to achieve your goals.

Here’s a look at how SQUEAKS helped one of our clients reach their goals and find success through the use of our easy-to-implement Industry 4.0 technology.

The Issue

A steering system manufacturer made it their mission to achieve 100% traceability on all products leaving their operation. The manufacturer was also looking to develop tighter process controls to ensure bad product is never shipped from the plant. The SQUEAKS communication platform offered the perfect way to accomplish this mission.

The SQUEAKS Solution

The implementation of SQUEAKS made it easy for the plant’s employees to develop tighter process controls and track traceability violations. SQUEAKS was also used to help identify faulty products and escalate this information on to the right people, making sure defective products never advance down the production line.

90-Day Guarantee

Want to see the benefits of SQUEAKS for yourself? Check out our 90-Day Guarantee. We’ll set up SQUEAKS at your plant, we’ll identify and address your current issues, and we’ll provide full functionality on a variety of communication devices. If SQUEAKS isn’t improving your operation after the 90-day period, we’ll remove the platform, and you’ll owe us nothing.

We’ll deliver the following:

  • Infrastructure to capture real-time data across machines.

  • Communication devices (4K LED TV, Mobile, Watch) to provide visibility on key metrics anytime, anywhere.

  • Configuration services to create personalized dashboards that drive action, accountability, workflows, and escalation around your greatest areas of performance concerns.

Contact Us

Are you experiencing breakdowns in your plant’s communications? Whatever communication challenge your manufacturing operation may be experiencing, SQUEAKS has the solution. Contact us today to get started.


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