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SQUEAKS, provides a revolutionary communication platform for Industry 4.0

SQUEAKS communication platform gets the right information to the right people at the right time. In this age of intelligent machines that constantly generate vast amounts of data, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and under informed. SQUEAKS ensures you get the information that’s most important to you filtering out all the background noise and allowing you to be more productive.

Collaboration and teamwork are built-in with notifications to the right people who are able to help solve problems as they arise in your manufacturing operation. If a problem is not getting the attention it needs, it will be escalated to the next level with tracking of communication and accountability recorded for analysis.

SQUEAKS turns valuable information into action – promoting teamwork while driving accountability. Employees are engaged and empowered to make decisions –

shortening response times and saving thousands of dollars per minute. All of this is delivered using the same mobile messaging and personal multimedia technology you already know and love.

Please watch the video posted above for more information about SQUEAKS, and when you’re ready to revolutionize communication in your facility, contact SQUEAKS to learn more.

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