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SQUEAKS TV quickly turns low cost, smart TVs into powerful production displays

SQUEAKS turns low cost, LED TV screens into a powerful visual communication system improving decision-making and results. SQUEAKS TV gives you the ability to tune-in to what matters most with displays that can be hung in the office and on the shop-floor; keeping everyone on the same page while spawning teamwork and collaboration.

SQUEAKS TV puts you in control of your digital factory, giving you the power to personalize the information you see, including Dashboards that provide real-time visibility on performance relative to goal. These Dashboards can be created in minutes with SQUEAKS Metrics as well as data imported from your SQL server database, providing at-a-glance feedback on production efficiency schedule attainment, and machine Health.

External HTML Pages and your own custom web apps can be easily integrated into SQUEAKS TV to communicate concerns such as safety and OSHA priorities, environmental compliance, and product quality and process control trends. SQUEAKS TV also makes it easy to incorporate reports you may have already created with analytics tools like Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (Power BI).

SQUEAKS TV allows you to monitor equipment remotely with live video streams from IP cameras that pinpoint problems based on real-time triggers from the shop-floor along with a built-in weather app that generates weather-related alerts as they happen.

With SQUEAKS TV, you can create and share company announcements on your screens in seconds and incorporate additional information in a scrolling marquee.

With downtime measured in thousands of dollars per minute; factory floor events can trigger event-driven pop-ups that draw attention to conditions that require immediate attention. Out-of-the box modules make the configuration of ANDON views, as easy as drag and drop allowing you to create engaging displays in no time.

The layout, size of the windows and data sources that feed these views are totally user-configurable. These layouts and channel rotation can change based on time of day, schedules or plant floor events. You can even change the channel or playlist via the app on your phone.

SQUEAKS TV helps you achieve your goals by providing a centralized view of what’s happening in your plant, by consolidating real-time information from all of your data sources – at no extra charge!

SQUEAKS TV can run in the cloud or on-premise, you choose, and it keeps you connected wherever you are by extending the same information visible on the TVs to mobile and wearable devices with native apps for Apple and Android technologies.

SQUEAKS TV is transforming visual communication in manufacturing. For more information, please visit us at

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