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The SQUEAKS mobile app delivers relevant, actionable information

SQUEAKS is right-now fast with no clutter or distractions. You’ll know more about your plant’s performance and keep tabs on what matters most. Clarity. At-a-glance. Achieve more and stress less knowing nothing important is going to slip through the cracks – even while you are on the move.

With SQUEAKS Mobile you know you'll

  • Crush your production goals

  • See more of what matters

  • Drive action and accountability

  • Know everything is covered

  • Call for assistance

  • Shoot and edit photos and videos

Learn more about how SQUEAKS Mobile can take your manufacturing communication to the next level

See SQUEAKS in action with our 90-Day Guarantee

Looking for a chance to see how SQUEAKS could improve your operation? Take advantage of our 90-Day Guarantee. We’ll set up SQUEAKS onsite, address your pain points, and provide full functionality on a variety of communication devices. If SQUEAKS isn’t improving your operation after the 90-day period, we’ll remove the platform, and you’ll owe us nothing. That’s how much we believe in the power of the SQUEAKS communication platform. Learn more about our 90-Day Guarantee.

Count on Results. Count on SQUEAKS.

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