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Visit Squeaks at the Digital Industry USA show

Digital Industry USA is the only event dedicated to guiding you step-by-step through adopting connected technologies to improve your operations. This event is designed to meet you where you are in your businesses’ digital journey whether you’re an observer, early adopter, or innovator and then levels up your learning to bring your business into the connected world.

This event is a great way to find individual education opportunities, make peer connections, and to find services and solutions you need to transform your business over just a couple of days.

This environment is the natural habitat for SQUEAKS. As a provider of a robust communication platform designed to get the right information to the right people at the right time in manufacturing environments, we are continually providing education and information about the most effective ways to accomplish your communication goals.

We use the same mobile messaging and personal multimedia technology you already know and love to allow you to communicate throughout your organization bringing individuals only the information they need while managing the complex workings of your entire operation.

SQUEAKS is committed to bringing revolutionary communications tools to industry and Digital Industry USA is an excellent opportunity to share the work we’re doing. This show is an environment built to lead industry into the most productive future possible and SQUEAKS is providing the tools to get there.

Visit the SQUEAKS booth #112 at the Digital Industry USA show in Louisville, Kentucky September 11-12 2019. And for more information visit

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