Real-Time Information


Total Visibility

SQUEAKS facilitates the automatic flow of real-time information – making for faster and better decisions. SQUEAKS provides out-of-the-box, reliable connectivity to all the data in your plant, leveraging open standard protocols and native interfaces.



SQUEAKS eliminates manual data collection and data entry – allowing employees to focus on improving operations and doing more
innovative work.

SQUEAKS open architecture simplifies the integration with your existing applications and other 3rd party apps, such as ERP, Maintenance, and MES.  The information you see is updated in real-time.  As an example, the IGear MES application, ASSIST™, delivers real-time content in the areas of Safety, Quality, Production and Labor Assignments – while at the same time allowing you to enter information directly into the application to provide greater context. 

SQUEAKS eliminates islands of information and data silos. SQUEAKS is automation and information-vendor independent, integrating with all your data sources, including rich, multi-media content that provide greater context and insight. 

ASSIST Plug-ins and 3rd Party App Integration


Out-of-the-box Connectivity 


SQUEAKS operates on all your communication devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, smart watch, touchscreen TVs, etc.) – including Android, iOS, and Windows devices. With SQUEAKS, you can work virtually anywhere.   

Across Your Devices 

Correct problems at the source-using your tools

Synchronize efforts and the data files

The SQUEAKS File Synchronization technology ensures employees are working with the correct and most recent file – essentially eliminating the problem of employees working with outdated information.


SQUEAKS allows you to work directly with the tools and applications that you use today – making the most of your existing investments. 

Synchronize Files 


Nothing falls through the Cracks with Squeaks

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