With downtime measured in thousands of dollars per minute and concerns involving employee safety or product quality even more consequential; time is of the essence in manufacturing.


SQUEAKS Watch rethinks everything about plant communication – slashing response times and unleashing employee productivity.


SQUEAKS Watch directs valuable information to the right people on
their Watch (Android or iOS) – empowering employees to act now on real-time information wherever they are.

The SQUEAKS Watch app represents everything SQUEAKS stands for.  The SQUEAKS Watch makes all kinds of things possible …  

Personalized Alerts and Metrics

Stay on top of what matters – plant floor events, production status, employee safety,
product quality trends …

Collaborate with Team Members

Empower employees to
call for assistance – maintenance, quality, safety, parts replenishment, …

Take Action

Drive accountability around
user-defined workflows, elevate critical concerns to management, clarify ownership, confirm everything is back
to normal, …

Stay Connected

To-the-point messaging
and at-a-glance visual communication keep you
posted on what’s important without pulling out
your phone.

SQUEAKS gives you the ability to stay connected to what matters most, wherever you are.